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Kings Steak Ranch – a rare experience

Kings Steak Ranch

The soda fountain at Kings Steak Ranch

Season: Sunny

Meal: Lunch

Parking: Yes

Child friendly: Yes

Smoking: Zoned areas

Website: http://kingsrestaurant.co.za

Feeling the urge to indulge in a steak ranch eating plan, the MunchieStuff clan made their way to the Kings Steak Ranch in Belville today. Truly an enlightening experience. To say that Mrs M was conflicted in the writing of this review, is an incredible understatement.

The decor was not encouraging, and the bathrooms had seen better days. The child friendly zone’s games were on the blink, and the dodgy wooden bridge and few building blocks on a mat hardly constituted a child’s play area. The food was brought through after quite a long wait, and the children’s food and milkshakes arrived quite a while after the adults’ food.

That being said, the food was surprisingly good. Mr A and Mrs M (ten minutes into the Kings experience) had resigned themselves to a kitchen equivalent to the front of house (lack of) service. Mrs M was delighted to realise that Baby J and Big M’s macaroni and cheese was tasty, and more to the point in kids’ cuisine these days, actually had a cheese sauce.

Mr A ordered a mushroom burger, with a sauce which he absolutely relished. The fact that you could start an oil refinery with the onion rings left a bit to be desired. Mrs M’s pepper burger was exquisite, a delightful moment in an otherwise odd afternoon.


Sunday Buffet at the CTICC (Coffee on the Square)


Season: Rainy

Meal: Lunch

Parking: Yes, at the hotel (we paid R20 for an hour and a half)

Child friendly: No child zone, however, the waitrons were accommodating

Smoking: Zoned areas

Website: http://www.cticc.co.za/public/main/amenities.aspx

Big M and Mr A headed off to the buffet first, leaving Baby J to order his Cream Soda float, and Mrs M to order her Hot Chocolate. Baby J was excited to realise that the kitchen staff were unsure how to prepare a float, and was very happy to receive his ice cream in a cappucino cup, on the side of the cream soda glass. Much fun was had by Baby J (and very little by Mrs M) in the transition from cup to glass.

Mr A declared that the lamb was fantastic, although the beef was a bit dry. All salads were fresh, and Mr A visited the buffet area for a second helping. Big M loved the beef, disagreeing with Mr A loudly. Mrs M and Baby J then motored off to the buffet, leaving a slightly destroyed area in their wake. Baby J (being a picky eater) decided on feta, cucumber, a piece of french loaf, and rice – all of which were thoroughly enjoyed by Baby J, and the rest of the restaurant, as he waved his fork around. Mrs M found the vegetarian lasagne to be a welcome addition to the menu.

Desserts were varied between the family. Mr A elected to embark on a cheese and biscuit platter, with Big M slathering fruit coulis on a pancake, with lashings of cream on top. Baby J hoovered in the Tiramisu, but chose not to eat the chocolate tart (which was slightly too rich for his palate). Mrs M settled on the trifle, finding comfort food appealing on such a miserably rainy day.

All in all, good family food. The waiter was superb, and the bathrooms were super clean. The price range is, however, above your standard Spur fare.

Introduction to the MunchieStuff legacy

Mr A and Mrs M MunchieStuff have eaten food all their lives. While this does not make them consummate foodies, it does enable them to determine the difference between good and bad food, service and decor.

Baby J and Big M, the youngsters now populating the MunchieStuff household, are avid followers and tasters of good food, and their ability to spit out the subjectively bad food makes eating out an entertaining exercise.