Sunday Buffet at the CTICC (Coffee on the Square)


Season: Rainy

Meal: Lunch

Parking: Yes, at the hotel (we paid R20 for an hour and a half)

Child friendly: No child zone, however, the waitrons were accommodating

Smoking: Zoned areas


Big M and Mr A headed off to the buffet first, leaving Baby J to order his Cream Soda float, and Mrs M to order her Hot Chocolate. Baby J was excited to realise that the kitchen staff were unsure how to prepare a float, and was very happy to receive his ice cream in a cappucino cup, on the side of the cream soda glass. Much fun was had by Baby J (and very little by Mrs M) in the transition from cup to glass.

Mr A declared that the lamb was fantastic, although the beef was a bit dry. All salads were fresh, and Mr A visited the buffet area for a second helping. Big M loved the beef, disagreeing with Mr A loudly. Mrs M and Baby J then motored off to the buffet, leaving a slightly destroyed area in their wake. Baby J (being a picky eater) decided on feta, cucumber, a piece of french loaf, and rice – all of which were thoroughly enjoyed by Baby J, and the rest of the restaurant, as he waved his fork around. Mrs M found the vegetarian lasagne to be a welcome addition to the menu.

Desserts were varied between the family. Mr A elected to embark on a cheese and biscuit platter, with Big M slathering fruit coulis on a pancake, with lashings of cream on top. Baby J hoovered in the Tiramisu, but chose not to eat the chocolate tart (which was slightly too rich for his palate). Mrs M settled on the trifle, finding comfort food appealing on such a miserably rainy day.

All in all, good family food. The waiter was superb, and the bathrooms were super clean. The price range is, however, above your standard Spur fare.


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